1898 - 1938

Hauraki Helmet

Hauraki other ranks field service helmet used by 2nd Battalion Auckland(Hauraki) Infantry Volunteers.

World War 1 Relics

WW1 relics recovered from battle fields of France & Belgium, by Tony Hazel,
A full description, written by Tony; can be viewed at the Hauraki Regimental Association Museum

Anglo-Boer War

New Zealand sent 10 contingents of troops to South Africa. The Hauraki  soldiers volunteered in all ten contingents
Walter Callaway served in three contingents, !st, 7th, & 9th. The museum has the book "Walter Callaway; A Maori Warrior of the Boer War; Mike Dwight"
Trooper G.R. Bradford left New Zealand with the 1st contingent and became the Empires first causulty; dying of wounds received in skirmish at Jasforntein Farm near Rensburg,Cape Colony.

Bayonet - ANZAC Cove

Donated by Brian Shinkel. The Baynot was found on the beaches at ANZAC Cove, by his son,while in a pilgridge to Gallipoli. Brian donated the New Zealand Ensign & Australian Ensign. 
WOII Brian Schinkel was the CSM of Support Company when he retired.
The curator, Tony Fraser, completed the exhibit.

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