6 Hauraki Battle Honours


“A Battle Honour is a public commemoration of a battle, action, or engagement, or which not only the past, but also future generations of the Regiment can be proud. There is no question of a unit being entitled to an honour merely because it was present at a battle. It must have taken an active and credible part in that battle.”
New Zealand Army Standing Order 248/1/45/A1 of 14/09/56 
An Honour is usually the name of the battle, the word ‘battle’ being used in its widest sence as a fight or hostilities between opposing armies or elements of them, shown on a regiments’s  colours for all to see and in such listings of that regiment’s achievements as may apear in print, as for example, the Army List.
An infantry regiment or battalion usually displays its Battle Honours on its Colours, as do The Hauraki’s. The colours have always been the proudest possession of all units and have been fiercely protected -–even with lives. Apart from the practical {and now historical) use of the Colours as a relaying point, Colours also became a means of displaying Battle honours in 1768. The Hauraki’s have won 89 Battle Honours, 21 of which are displayed on the Regimental Colours. 

Theatre Honours

Honours Emblazoned On Regimental Colour

Other Battle Honours

  South Africa, 1900 - 1902  
Egypt, 1915 - 1916   Suez Canal
Gallipoli, 1915 Landing At Anzac Anzac
    Defence of Anzac
  Krithia Helles
  Sari Blair  
France and Flanders, 1916 - 1918 Flers-Courcelette Somme, 1916, 1918
    Le Transloy
  Messines, 1917 Ypres, 1917
    Polygon Wood
  Broodseinde Passchendale
  Arras, 1918 Ancre, 1918
    Albert, 1918
  Bapaume, 1918  
  Canal du Nord Hindenburg Line
    Cambrai, 1918
Greece 1941 Mount Olympus Servia Pass
    Platamon Tunnel
    Tempe Gorge
Middle East 1941 - 1944 Crete Maleme
    42nd Street
    Withdrawl to Sphakia
North Africa 1940 - 1943 Tobruk, 1941 Sidi Rezegh 1941
    Mersa Matruh
    Minqar Qaim
  Defence of Alamein Line Ruweisat Ridge
    El Mrier
    Alam El Halfa
  El Alamein Capture of Halfaya Pass, 1942
    El Agheila
  Tebaga Gap El Hamma
Italy 1943 - 1945 The Sangro Castel Frentano
  Cassino 1 Arezzo
    Advance to Florence
    San Michele
    Paula Line
    Faenza Pocket
    Rio Fontanaccia
    St. Angelo in Salute
  The Senio Santerno Crossing
    Sillaro Crossing
    Idice Bridgehead
South Pacific Solomons Treasury Island

Reference: Appendix One - Battle Honours, Comrades Brave - A history of the Hauraki Regiment, Richard Taylor