1998 - Today

New Cabinet August 2008

New Cabinet was donated in part by the Tauranga Rotary Club

Solomon Islands

Flag signed by members of NZ Platoon (Lt Kate Waiwatai). Op Rata
Flag is national flag of Palau, given to SSgt Charlie Harriision by their Australian C.R. as a keep- sake.
Marcu - July 2008

Hauraki Regimental Museum

At the entrance to 6 Hau Bn Gp HQ, Tauranga

Hauraki Badges

Hauraki Badges include:

  • Helmet Plate 1898 – donated by members of the 6 Hauraki Association
  • Dies used to press & cut Hauraki Badges.
  • Pipes & drums badges
  • Sport badges worn by members of the Hauraki Regiment
  • Hauraki Corps belts
  • Hauraki shoulder badges
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