Corporal Bill Henry Apiata VC

Corporal Bill Henry “Willie” Apiata, VC (born 28 June 1972 in Mangakino, New Zealand)
is a member of the New Zealand Special Air Service
and the first recipient of the Victoria Cross for New Zealand.
He received the award on July 2, 2007 for bravery under fire
during the Afghanistan conflict in 2004,
after carrying a wounded compatriot across a battlefield to receive medical treatment.

Willie Apiatia VC, joined the 6th Battailon (Hauraki) Royal New Zealand Regiment
serving from 6th October 1989 to April 2001.
Willie Apiata VC, transferred to the Regular Army in April 2001.
In November 2001, Willie Apiatia VC , passed the NZSAS selection course
and after completing the training cycle was made a member of the NZSAS.
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